Twelve Tales

Twelve Tales is the result of two best friends each bringing their own unique approach to music, video and art. This duo draws from a wide range of inspirations such as video game soundtracks, experimental dance music and hip-hop.  

The Tower: Part 1

The first installment of a concept album featuring haunting vocals from SNDNGCHLLZ and additional production from producer Lautlos

Unusual Ventures

Modern R&B song produced and recorded at Honor Roll studio in Miami, FL with singer Twelve’len.

Emerald Weapon

Fast paced, experimental electronic single featured on “Music for Healing” compilation from Miami label collective Space Tapes

Door to Darkness

Inspired by video game-themed music blending samples and synths to create a dark atmosphere


Two distinct styles create an emotional blend of sampling and heavy synths. In collaboration with artist “BLQMSQ” 

Prelude EP

Experimental project mixing dance and hip-hop rhythms with a collage of samples from video games and movies


A psychedelic remix of a Twelve Tales song blending ambient synths and vocal effects accompanied by original visuals

Pop Lock & Drop It

Blends hiphop vocals with smooth guitar and catchy drums. Released from an earlier project entitled Cool Calm & Collective

Selected Works

Solo cello piece

Classical music session with Raphael Moraly recorded and mixed in Paris, France

Jazz Trio

This cover features vocals, guitar, and acoustic bass. One of many songs recorded, mixed, and mastered for a Jazz trio in Paris

Mystic Nature

Mystic Nature is a solo music project from Daniel that combines hiphop drums, electronica synths, and sampling to create unique songs. This was the first moniker Daniel produced music under and was fundamental in shaping his production style.

The Places We’ll Go

A smooth, ambient, and moody single sampling piano with hiphop influenced drums 

A Love Like No Other

Part of a beat-makers competition to see who could create the best original song using the same sample

Far From Planet Home

Big chords and spacey synths  over trap style drums create an atmosphere reminiscent of video games

DJ Mixes

Between Worlds

Eclectic journey through different musical eras including jazz, electronic, soundtracks, and more

III Points Mix

Special mix made for III Points Music Festival featuring original music, and other local artists from Miami 

Space Coast

Part 1 in a mix series of hiphop, R&B, and electronica, showcasing Soundcloud producers

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