In addition to musical prowess, Daniel creates visually stimulating art to be accompanied by music. They are created using a VJ software that allows the video to react to music in real time. These videos have a mash-up aesthetic blending digital glitch effects and video clips of old cartoons and films. Here are some samples of his video artwork.

III Points Music Festival

The internationally renowned III Points Festival blends music and technology in an annual three day event. This festival brings in a wide variety of top tier artists from different genres with an emphasis on electronic music. These selected works were used as social media promotion for the festival.

Dither Stage (III Points Festival)

In addition to social media promotion for the III Points festival, works were created for a special stage within the festival entitled the “Dither Stage”. These videos were part of a series of videos projected on the wall of the stage throughout the duration of the festival.

Night Shift

The Night Shift was a weekly party in Miami featuring a mix of local producers, DJs and artists. In addition to creating live visuals for this weekly party, these selected works were used for social media promotion.

Live VJ clips

Selection of recordings from live VJ sets. These are shorter clips to give an idea of what a typical VJ set may include for a performing artist, DJ, or night club ambience.

Twelve Tales

These are samples of visuals made for Daniel’s electronic music duo, ‘Twelve Tales’. These were created for music videos, live performances and social media promotion.

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